Whenever we travel somewhere, whether we go on the festival or workshop, people from foreign countries are amazed how such small town could has a school of this kind and people from Serbia with enthusiasm are accepting the fact that we have a school which works in continuity for more than 32 years with children on something that is called animated film.
SAF was founded in city of Vranje, back in 1987. on the model of school from Cakovec (Croatia) where children animation was very well-developed and with rich tradition. SAF is located in culture center, in the center of city of Vranje.
Vranje is located in the south of Serbia, on the border with Bulgaria and Macedonia, with popilation of 70 000 citizens with industry which was once very depeloped. Now, we are one city in Serbia in transition, who is trying to change the old habits in order to provide brighter and nicer future for itself.
History says that notes for settlement in this area dates back 9 centuries ago, and we are very proud of that. Anyway we are well-known for our good food, trumpeters, characteristic dialect and of course our famous writer Bora Stankovic, and his literature works.

Come in Vranje, the city that still has a soul, (whatever this sounds to You as a phrase). Visit Vlasina, lake at 1200m height above sea level with unique nature, Vranje spa where you can always enjoy in the sound of trumpet, enjoy in food which is very gourmand and of course meet SAF’s members.