SAF during the pandemic

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The school of animated film is usually full at this time of year like a hive in which its students work diligently and hurriedly like little bees. On all sides are small annoyed faces creating new animated films and small works of art. The classroom exudes serenity, joy and happiness that only children can create. However, this virus and everything that goes with it, the state of emergency, curfew, cessation of regular work with children and much more have not bypassed us either.

All employees were forced to work from home, in order to reduce the risk and follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Although we all did various technical things, we missed working with the children and our socializing through jokes and fun. We decided to contact all our members we could reach and offer them to end their leisure time in a creative way, and still do something they love, and that is drawing and animation. The children enthusiastically received the news that SAF works online and with a lot of dedication and effort they did the assigned tasks. Every day they received instructions on what and how to do next, then they forwarded those materials to the editing, then the sound system, then… And again we mentors and children were a team, the positive spirit we always had returned. Although we worked at a distance, we felt positive energy, some zeal and nothing could destroy that happiness, not even the crown. This was just another proof that work created man and that we are not beings destined to live alone and alienated, but that we are social beings who are directed at each other. This beautiful and positive energy also gave rise to two animated films. The first film was made as a form of support in the new situation with the message #Ostanikodkuće. The children showed what we can do when we do not attend online school in leisure time. The intention was to encourage their peers to be creative and show them what can be done even though they are in isolation.

The second film is a short film about Easter, because unfortunately we celebrated this important holiday for all of us in isolation within the closest family and without the possibility to enjoy it as every year.

With these films, we have shown that creativity and the desire to work never die, but on the contrary, even in difficult situations, we can show our creativity and the best side.

Many thanks to all the children and parents who got involved and worked during the state of emergency in the work of our school.


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