Odluka žirija – Jury’s decision

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Odluka zirija – Jury’s decision „Zlatni puz 2015.“

Festival jury „Golden Snail 2015“ in structure: mr Snezana Trstenjak, animator and director from Belgrade jury president; Jovan Markovic, scenarist and producer from Belgrade, jury member and Monica Masuci, animator from Italy, jury member brought the following


Grand Prix for the film:
„Who is in charge here?“ group of authors Kids Animation Studio „DA“ Russia

The first category children up to 15 years

* The first award „Golden Snail“ for the film Un drole de coco, Camera ETC, Belgium
* The second award „Silver Snail“ for the film How nice to play sports! MUS, Italy
* The third award „Bronze Snail“ for the film Hands, Jogodina, Serbia

The second category children from 15 up to 19 years

* The first award „Golden Snail“ for the film I breathe, Kids Animation Studio „DA“ Russia
* The second award „Silver Snail“ for the film Family day, Hong Kong
* The third award „Bronze Snail“ for the film CMYK, SAF Vranje, Serbia

Diploma „Nikola Majdak“ for the film „26 heroes and the teacher“ SAF Vranje Serbia
In the spirit of our dear friend and great educator, the late Nikola Majdak, we award the Nikola Majdak Award to this film that depicts a teacher who is in every sense also a hero: „26 heroes and teacher“ SAF from Vranje.

Diploma for the best production, SAF Vranje
As we know, SAF is one of the first schools for animated film in this region. Important as this is, even more important is that the overall production of SAF is at a high level. Almost all films from SAF are worthy of a prize. For this reason, we have decided that the Diploma for Production for this year 4th World Children Animated Film Festival is awarded to SAF (School of Animated Film), Vranje.

Diploma for inspirational approach and clean visual expression, Vanima, Varazdin, Croatia
For its witty approach and clear visual expression, we award the Diploma for Humor to the films VANIMA from Varazdin – Croatia

Diploma for the best animation for the film „The whole year at Danube’s park“ Children culture center, Novi Sad, Serbia
For its fresh, original and nuanced animation, we award the Diploma for Animation to „The whole year at Danube’s park“

Diploma for succesful realization of the first animated film – Red cross of City of Skopje, macedonia
For the successful implementation of a first animated film, we welcome, with our best wishes for continued success in your work Red Cross of the city of Skopje in Macedonia

Diploma for sound – „Labo danim“ Bulgaria
Sound is an extremely important factor which strongly contributes to the atmosphere and quality of an animated film. The Diploma for Sound goes to „Labo given“ Bulgaria

Diploma for visual art , „Long time no see“ Kristina de Pian, Greece
Almost lyrical approach ,visual identity and successful visual and character design.For its lyrical visual approach and successfully character design, which contributes to its overall atmosphere, we award the Diploma for Visual Art to:Christina de Pian, Greece, for film „Long time no see“.

Diploma for successful MINI FILM, (Under Two Minutes) „Dandelion“, Creative workshop „Sun“ Centre for culture Valjevo, Serbia

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