Reception for “Golden Snail 2022” participants

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             Deputy Mayor Zorica Jović and the President of the City Assembly Dr. Dejan Tričković organized a reception for the participants of the 14th International Workshop of the animated film “The Golden Snail 2022”. Deputy mayor Zorica Jović welcomed the participants of the workshop in her own name and on behalf of the mayor Dr. Slobodan Milenkovic, expressing her satisfaction that the city of Vranje can host animators from all over the world. “Vranje has become known, in addition to Bora Stanković, Father Justin Popović, trumpets and folklore, since 1987 for ŠAF. You are guests of an institution that has won a large number of awards in the country and the world, and I can express great satisfaction that the employees have been working with the same enthusiasm and energy for years, because they are people who grew up in Šaf and are now passing on their knowledge to new generations. The local self-government and the management of the city of Vranje provide great support to the School of Animated Film, and I can say that we see this cultural institution as a brand of the city,” said deputy Jović. She also reminded us of the founders of Šaf, Miroslav Simonović and Dr. Vukašin Antic, who, as she said, we must not forget.

The President of the City Assembly, Dr. Dejan Tričković, expressed his satisfaction that the workshops from the online platform returned to Šaf premises. “This year’s 14th International Animated Film Workshop is even more important because it marks the 35th anniversary of the School of Animated Film in Vranje. We are extremely proud of our School of Animated Film, we greatly respect the work of all employees on the promotion of true values ​​through the production of an animated film and that you send serious life messages in a simple way and thus make all of us, especially the students, better people,” emphasized President Tričković . He expressed his belief that it will be the same this year, because the employees of Šaf try to make each workshop interesting, unique and special compared to the previous one. “I hope that you will work hard, but also that you will make friends for life, and that we will be good hosts, and you will have the desire and opportunity to return to Vranje again,” Tričković said. Carla Boglioni from Italy spoke on behalf of the participants of the workshop, referring to the importance of animated films and the work of the Avisco association, of which she is the founder.

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