Golden snail 22

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                14th international children’s animated film workshop “The Golden Snail 2022” will be opened on August 8 in the hall of the “Bora Stanković” Theater in Vranje. As part of the event, on August 11, the 35th jubilee of the School of Animated Film will be celebrated. The guests of the 14th International children’s workshop of animated film will be animators from Italy, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia (Cačak, Bosilegrad and Vranje). The presenters of the workshop will be Aleta Rajić from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vicenco Beši from Italy | Nitin Donde from India. As planned by the program, the participants, 25 of them (aged 12 to 29), will be divided into three groups and will work on making three animated films in different techniques.
               “As we are in the jubilee year, the leitmotif for the animated films will be the number 35, counting, counting down. celebration, party, birthday. We are very interested in the final outcome as well as in the methodology and approach that artists of different sensibilities will use in the realization of animated films based on the given idea. The collision of different cultures, speaking areas, ages, different levels of knowledge in the field of animation as well as drawing and painting skills create a very special atmosphere at the workshops every year, says the Vranje school of animated film. The 14th International children’s animated film workshop in Vranje will gather more than 50 participants and guests from several countries. The main program of “Golden Snail 2022” will be an animation workshop with children, while schools, clubs and individuals will be presented in the accompanying program, a reception with the mayor, an excursion, press conferences and forums will be organized. The SAF monograph will be promoted at the anniversary academy, about the first 35 years. Plaques will be presented to the honorary members of SAF, Božidar Zečević, Stevica Živkov and Miroslav Simonović, as well as thank you notes to the institutions that have supported the work of the school over the years, including the City of Vranje and the relevant ministry. Moreover, the opening of the exhibition, posters, photos and t-shirts is planned.
              And this year’s “Golden Snail” is organized under the patronage of the City of Vranje and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

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