“PEQUENO CINEASTA” Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

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At the International Film Festival of Small Filmmakers, small SAF members won the main prize in the International Competition. “We Can Do Anything” won the Best International Animated Film award. Films from Germany, Ireland, Australia, India, USA, Argentina were also in the competition, and what is important to emphasize is that the jury consisted of children and young people who chose to be awarded in the sea of ​​animated films from all over the world. . that our film is the best. We are very proud of each award, but especially of this one because it was given by children, and we know that children are the most honest audience in the world. For the needs of this festival, we also made a short video clip with the children who participated in the making of this film, where they thank the jury and the festival for the award. This clip was shown at the closing ceremony of the festival in Brazil, where our children presented our country, and primarily our city, from which they sent a lot of warm greetings.

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