International Animation Day

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On the occasion of marking the 18th International Day of Animation, the School of Animated Film – SAF from Vranje was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Design and Multimedia FON in Skopje. About a hundred students attended a lecture on the history of animation, the history and work of SAF, as well as the presentation of films produced by SAF. They were also introduced to SAF’s “Golden Snail” event. They are very interested in participating in the upcoming “snail”, ie the 13th International Children’s Animated Film Workshop, which will be held at the beginning of August next year.

The presentation and lecture were held in the morning, and in the afternoon, the team from SAF with 25 students did one short animated exercise combining two techniques in animation: collage technique and sand animation.

We have achieved a wonderful cooperation with the dean of the faculty, Marija Veteroska, and professors Igor Šokarovski and Miloš Milosavljević, so we already have many ideas and agreements for future cooperation

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