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Dr. Vukasin-Antic

Life in the age of the corona has acquired a completely different meaning or we are looking for a new meaning. We rethink our needs, think, plan and live looking for a new concept and context of our future. Everything is somehow different and only now, when we are accustomed to the new situation, and we work remotely, we go to school at a distance, death happens in the time of the corona… And we are never ready for that, especially not in the time of the corona . Today, a great man left us, Dr. Vukasin Antic.

All the people of Vranje are well acquainted with his work in the field of medicine. He was a great surgeon and specialist in breast cancer. An extraordinary doctor who loved his profession and dedicated his entire life to the most difficult cancer patients. He was also passionately interested in the history of medicine. He loved to write and he knew how to write. He was a curious man, he researched, visited archives not only in Vranje and Serbia, but also in the surrounding area, talked to people, collected material without saving himself, his time or money.

Many could talk about its importance and activities in the political life of the city of Vranje. He is one of the founders of the Democratic Party in Vranje. Let’s not forget that he was also the director of the hospital when he started the project of building a new surgical block in Vranje. He engaged in politics out of conviction, ideals, believing that it is important to have an attitude and express it publicly. Dr. Vule was a moral bulk and a man to whom material things and money were not of crucial importance. He did not work and schedule examinations in private surgeries, like most of his colleagues, but in the Surgery clinic or even in his house.

It was a great honor to know Dr. Vukasin Antic. We, the people of Šaf, have known him since the time of the Film Art Lovers’ Club 30 or more years ago. We were kids and he was an interesting man, a doctor, with a beard, curly hair and flaxen hair. Always smiling, talkative, always the loudest, with a strong and expressive expression on his face and body. He understood film and art in general. For us, he was Uncle Vule. Later, when his wife started working at SAF, we continued to see each other in less formal events. He was very charming, cheerful and fun, he loved jokes and often told them. And he laughed all the time… He also loved to cook and he enjoyed it. He prepared serious meals and was proud of his skill. He loved France, their culture, he spoke French.

A decent, educated and cultured man who comes from a city family. A man who had interest, success in acting in the field of medicine, history, politics, art, deserves to be remembered by Vranje and the people of Vranje. Many of us will remember, mention and remember it in the future and for some of us it will be a constant and a model of life to strive for.

Dr. Vule was a man of the people, he went to the market, talked to the villagers, listened to everyone. I am afraid that there are fewer and fewer exceptional personalities among us and Vule was like that. A very recognizable and authentic figure, his gait, a beret on his head, laughter and interesting stories will be missing in the life of the city of Vranje. They will miss their family the most and for them this will be an irreparable loss. Sincere condolences to the Antic family.

the SAF team

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